15 Apr
  1. Whenever Possible, seat the lower amount of guests at the table. For example, if seating says 8-10 people, 8 people will fit much more comfortably than 10.
  2. The larger number can only be used if you're not using charger plates on the table.
  3. If you are planning on having a full setting at each table(dishes ,flatware, more than 1 piece of glassware, etc), stick to the lower number.
  4. When having an outdoor wedding on grass or dirt, consider linens that don't go completely to the floor to avoid them getting wet or dirty before guests arrive.
  5. When you are making your seating chart, place younger guests closer to the dancefloor/speakers and older guests farther out. This will allow those are more elderly to talk more easily without yelling over any speakers.
  6. If you are having an outdoor wedding and using 30" Hi-Top Cocktail tables, we recommend adding a sash so the linen doesn't keep blowing off the table or use spandex table linens. When you are using a sash, make sure to order longer linen because the sash makes it shorter; revealing the feet at the bottom. 


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