Evaporative Cooler


A Garden Hose connection is required for this in order to keep the water tank automatically refilling itself. The power source for this product requires at least a 110v wall outlet.

Canopy Industrial Fan

call for pricing and availabilty 661-949-8883

This Item will need to be ordered ahead of time due to the low stock amount of this item.

Forced Air Tent Heater- 80,000 Btu


Our Tent Heaters are something you can count on to spread the heat throughout your canopy They include- 7-10 gallon propane tank, installation, and diffuser which routes underneath the siding.

8ft tall Patio Heater


This item requires at least 2ft of clearance on top to prevent damage to any surrounding objects. They can be used in large canopies that have some openings to allow the carbon-monoxide fumes to escape and not get you and your guests sick. They include propane as well. Call us for any additional questions.