Vintage Style Bar Stool


Comes with rubber feet to protect your floors inside your home if you decide to place them inside.

Gold Chivari Chair


Our Gold Chivari Chair provides elegance, sophistication, making it a perfect choice for upscale events and special occasions. Its classic design features a sturdy plastic frame that gives the wood look and very comfortable cushion making it comfortable for your guests!

White Padded Bridal Chair


Our White Padded Bridal Chairs, sometimes referred to as garden chairs are a better option than the standard chairs and are more suited for seating on lawns. The design of the feet allows the chair to not sink in to the grass, like the standard chairs will. These are a good choice for comfortable seating if you're on a tighter budget.

Lifetime Chair


Classroom Style Kid's Seating Chair


Our Classroom Style Kid's Chairs are very durable and are a great option as opposed to the Adult Chairs.

Basic White Samsonite Chair


Basic Samsonite white chair. We offer these in brown, ivory, white, and tan

Ivory Chair


Brown Chair


Beige Chair


8ft Banquet Table


The 8ft table seats 8-10 people and can be used as food tables.

6ft Banquet Table


The 6ft table is commonly used as a food table, but can seat 6-8 people.

Serpentine Table


The Serpentine Table is great for many things such as a head table or for an S shaped table arrangement.

Sweetheart Table


The Heart-Shaped table is perfect for your wedding and will add that special touch you're looking for!

Cocktail Table


We offer these in 36 inch and 32 inch round tops. We also offer bistro tables.

48 inch round table


Holds 6-8 people.

36 inch round table


Holds 2-4 people.

36 inch round bistro table


60 inch round table


Holds 8-10 people.

8ft Seminar Table