16 Jun

When planning your event and choosing what size canopy to rent, take into consideration of anything else that will be placed in the canopy such as; a dancefloor, food tables, DJ spot, Head Table, Stage, etc. because those items will take away table setting space. When we plan out customer's events, we figure 1- 10ftx10ft space is 1 table setting because that takes into consideration for people pulling out chairs and so your setting is not cramped. So lets say you're hosting an event for 100 people, and you want 3 food tables, a head table to hold 10 people and a dance floor to hold 50 people, even though a 20ftx50ft canopy is rated to hold 100 people, 100 people will not fit given the 3 extra items you want inside the canopy. So for this example, you would want to get a 30x50 or a 30x60 canopy so everything will fit without being cramped. Below is a diagram attached to give you a better idea of what we're talking about.